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TANYA, originally from Ohio, has been a belly dancer nearly her whole life. She grew up studying all forms of dance at her mother’s dance school.
She has owned and operated dance schools in Ohio and Florida and is working on a new school in Las Vegas.
Tanya has been belly dancing professionally since the age of nine.
She studied under many prominent teachers growing up such as Ibrahim Farrah - Morocco, Serena and Dahlena, among many foreign dancers traveling through her area to teach. Tanya has traveled the world to perform and study.
Being a classically trained dancer as well, she is now performing in Las Vegas not only as a belly dancer, but as a showgirl and dancer for shows, events and corporate parties.
She has worked in every major hotel and performs often for celebrity parties and choreographs for many event companies.
She also works in a stage production with Joaquin Ayala, a prominent illusionist, in their own show which has taken them to numerous countries to perform. This show combines the art of magic with the art of belly dance in a full review show.
The best aspect of Middle Eastern dancing also known as Raqs Sharki or belly dance, is that everyone interprets the dance differently creating their own unique performance. Currently,
Tanya is focusing on putting together a touring show for belly dancers to do what she loves, with her friends. She has a big passion for the art of belly dancing. Her mother has a studio in Ohio and growing up, she studied all forms of dance. When she was 7 years old, her mom started teaching belly dance classes at her studio.
She was instantly attracted to the dance and the music involved and quickly started to put this form of dance first among her many classes. She used to visit clubs and restaurants around the area with her parents to watch the dancers perform.
It was a great experience and she was so drawn to that lifestyle.
After dancing in class for a couple of years, she made her first professional debut at a fabulous club called RAIMON’S at age 9!  It was memorable because she danced to a live band. This performance and the many to follow showed her that this was what she was meant to do, and opened her eyes to that kind of performing.
She was a very shy little girl off stage, but on stage, she felt alive. Still to this day, she is the most comfortable on stage. She performed all over the country and danced with the most famous musicians in the business. She grew up dancing and this culture and music is still a very big part of who she is.
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